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Sing's A Christmas Carol Part 2
Chapter 2: Spectre Of The Lamb
The old clock had struck had eight by the time Mouse finished his recounting. Slamming the accounting book tight, he then hopped down and proceeded to getting his own coat and silk hat. He hastily tightened his scarf, going over all the precautions for tomorrow: the safes, completely checked and tightened; Keys, always in the fourth draw from the top, all counting books, stacked alphabetically at the back; money, safe in the safe. Christmas day or not, nothing kept him from a day's work and that was final!
With a firm shut, the front door was locked. The miser sniffed as he tugged the scarf up over his face, bracing the icy wind as he plodded home. Thankfully, his accommodation was only 30 minutes away. Well, 30 minutes for him anyway; for other animals, it would only be 15 or 10 if they kept a brisk pace. For Mouse, he constantly kept a brisk pace whenever he was in town. Always having this head down or staring straight ahead, not allowing anythin
:iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 0
Kindness kills by Yukinekocat Kindness kills :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 6
Sing's A Christmas Carol: Part 1
Chapter 1: You say Christmas; I say Bah Humbug!
Jacob Wooley was dead. The cause had never been fully specified to the generally public; though many speculated it was due to either work or drink, but the result was the same. Wooley was dead; signed off by the minister and laid to rest at sea. That had not been his choice, but he had little say in the matter, for obvious reasons.
However, despite the grim events, the death of one miser was of little concern to anyone at this time of year. For that evening was December 24th, Christmas Eve. All through the quaint town, various animals were preparing themselves for the one holiday they could actually look forward to. The one day of the year when they were all given time off. Although most days were relatively peaceful and non-eventful, each animal strolling along, minding his own business and carrying on with the same passive conduct; Christmas drew out something different. Religious or not, the holiday seemed to intoxicate the whol
:iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 3
Sing's A Christmas carol Prologue

Prologue: A Story due to Snow

Glittering wreaths and tinsel hanging; glaring street decorations; half-price sales stamped to shop windows or the gentle hums of carols exiting the shops, it was blindingly obvious it was christmas time in the city. Whether animals were religious or not, everyone seemed to be under the festive spell of the holidays. Even now on Christmas eve, the streets were packed with frantic animals scuttling about, either trying to get home from work or dashing for last minute shopping. Far from the festive crowds, the holiday madness eased off near the outskirts into some of the more docile neighbourhoods. 
Gentle flakes of snow slowly caked the window sill of the Pig's apartment. Despite the size of home, and the possible antics of her wild brood, Rosita had insisted that they all came over to celebrate. Although they had started out simply as colleagues, by now the amateur dramatics had formed a genuine friendship with one another. That evening, in th
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by ARVEN92

I hope you don't mind if I give a critique on this one? Personally about this page, I find it very well done. The colours, shading and ...

This is a Brilliant piece of Art. The anatomy is very good with both the male and female figures; that goes the same with muscles. Ligh...



I'll be absent on here for a few a days; going to England.
See you all soon.
History stories Part 3:
When Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt, the Egyptian 
government at the time were desperate to gain his favour. In order to please him, they sent him two young, teenage girls to "do as he pleased with". Upon seeing the two girls, Napoleon was openly disgusted by this:
A) He wanted Egypt as a land of conquest.
B) He was still had affections for his wife, Empress Josephine.

As such, he promptly sent them back. Unfortunately, it would be an understatement to say that the Egyptian ministers did not get the message...

... since they sent Napoleon back two ten year old boys.
Just you and me against the world
Whilst on the fandom streak, this piece has been long over due for about a year! Last summer in 2017, MLP Fanfic reader TheLostNarrator asked Magpie-pony, her girlfriend to be her wife. With everything that both these adorable lunatics have been through, they deserve this happiness. So, technically, this is their engagement gift.

The scene itself is based off the proposal video posted by Lost:…
(Warning: Many, many happy feelings.)

Hope you like it! 

Characters (c) TheLostNarrator and Magpie-pony 
Artwork (c) Me
You may not steal this under any circumstances, please?
Thank you very much!
Miss Abbott and The Doctor
This fanart has long been overdue. On Webtoons, Deviant MaripazVillar has been creating an absoultely delightful Rom-com called "Miss Abbott and The Doctor".

Set in the late 1890's, the series follows Cati Abbott, a quirky and fiesty young woman who has spent her life amongst tribal amazons and has only been recently brought back to civilisation. Due to her uncommon past, she finds difficulty in adjusting to the new lifestyle and how others react to her unconvential ways. Meanwhile, Dr. Andreas Marino attempts to adjust to small town life after living in the city. He is a replacement as the town doctor after his Grandfather retires. Like many young gentlemen of his era, Andreas loves his quiet life, filled with work and simple amusements. He is also haughty and slightly condescending with the more "uncouth" members of the community. It's no suprise that when the strange Miss Abbott arrives in his town, he decides he doesn't like her at all and she for him. However, this playful rivalry soon turns into something more....

All I can say for this series is that it is beautifully crafted piece of work. Although the series is primarily drafted through sketches, it is still evocative. The characters are colourful and diverse, fantastic details on the period clothing and the chemistry between Abbott and Marino is brilliantly developped. 

If you're looking for a story to make you believe in love again or just to make your heart melt, I'd highly recommend it. Check it out on Webtoons as it uploads every Saturday.…

Hope you like it!

Stock (c) 
Miss Cati Abbott and Dr. Andreas Marino (c) MaripazVillar 
Artwork (c) Me
You may not steal this under any circumstances.

On The Run
Eddie Dobson messaged me again recently. For his newest album with The Senior Moments, he commissioned me to draw a cover for their new single "On The Run". This time it features the vocals of "Les Femmes Scandis" a pair of scandenaivan songtresses. I asked their opinion on the cover and they replied, "Jumpers, put in our jumpers!"

Hope you like it.

Album (c) Eddie Dobson and the Senior Moments
Artwork (c) Me
You may not steal this under any circumstances, please?
Thank you very much!
Commissions are OPEN! by Wiwolf


Hi, My Name's Yukinekocat.
I like drawing and art so I came to DeviantART. I speak English and still learning French.
You are welcome to leave comments, don't be afraid to say what you think. After all I don't bite.
I hope you can come again soon.

Favorite Characters:
Hiro, Weed and GB (Ginga densetsu Weed)
Nico Robin and Zoro (One piece)
Nagisa and Kotomi (Clannad)
Makoto and Ayu (Kanon)
Akatora and Bill (Ginga Nagreboshi Gin)
John (GNG & GDW)

Personal quote (s):

"What do you do when life gives you lemons, you squeezes them back into life's eyes!"
Nicole Watterson from the amazing world of Gumball


Full Body (No Background)
Commissioners will receive a full body image of their character with a transparent background


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