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Gir Sketches by Yukinekocat Gir Sketches :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 4 3 The Chatterbox by Yukinekocat The Chatterbox :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 4 3
Sing's A Christmas Carol Part 2
Chapter 2: Spectre Of The Lamb
The old clock had struck had eight by the time Mouse finished his recounting. Slamming the accounting book tight, he then hopped down and proceeded to getting his own coat and silk hat. He hastily tightened his scarf, going over all the precautions for tomorrow: the safes, completely checked and tightened; Keys, always in the fourth draw from the top, all counting books, stacked alphabetically at the back; money, safe in the safe. Christmas day or not, nothing kept him from a day's work and that was final!
With a firm shut, the front door was locked. The miser sniffed as he tugged the scarf up over his face, bracing the icy wind as he plodded home. Thankfully, his accommodation was only 30 minutes away. Well, 30 minutes for him anyway; for other animals, it would only be 15 or 10 if they kept a brisk pace. For Mouse, he constantly kept a brisk pace whenever he was in town. Always having this head down or staring straight ahead, not allowing anythin
:iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 0
Kindness kills by Yukinekocat Kindness kills :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 0 3
Sing's A Christmas Carol: Part 1
Chapter 1: You say Christmas; I say Bah Humbug!
Jacob Wooley was dead. The cause had never been fully specified to the generally public; though many speculated it was due to either work or drink, but the result was the same. Wooley was dead; signed off by the minister and laid to rest at sea. That had not been his choice, but he had little say in the matter, for obvious reasons.
However, despite the grim events, the death of one miser was of little concern to anyone at this time of year. For that evening was December 24th, Christmas Eve. All through the quaint town, various animals were preparing themselves for the one holiday they could actually look forward to. The one day of the year when they were all given time off. Although most days were relatively peaceful and non-eventful, each animal strolling along, minding his own business and carrying on with the same passive conduct; Christmas drew out something different. Religious or not, the holiday seemed to intoxicate the whol
:iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 3
Sing's A Christmas carol Prologue

Prologue: A Story due to Snow

Glittering wreaths and tinsel hanging; glaring street decorations; half-price sales stamped to shop windows or the gentle hums of carols exiting the shops, it was blindingly obvious it was christmas time in the city. Whether animals were religious or not, everyone seemed to be under the festive spell of the holidays. Even now on Christmas eve, the streets were packed with frantic animals scuttling about, either trying to get home from work or dashing for last minute shopping. Far from the festive crowds, the holiday madness eased off near the outskirts into some of the more docile neighbourhoods. 
Gentle flakes of snow slowly caked the window sill of the Pig's apartment. Despite the size of home, and the possible antics of her wild brood, Rosita had insisted that they all came over to celebrate. Although they had started out simply as colleagues, by now the amateur dramatics had formed a genuine friendship with one another. That evening, in th
:iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 3 4
John Ryefield Reference by Yukinekocat John Ryefield Reference :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 7 CC and CLB Chapter 2 by Yukinekocat CC and CLB Chapter 2 :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 3 0
A Reminder from Your Forefathers
In the White House, a fool sits on the throne,
Commander of state and military drone.
While Americans preach for their cheques to come.
"Immigrants, they get the job done."
Cliché as it is, you seem to forget,
In all the chaos, you owe a huge debt.
Before you slander them with your homeland glory,
Take a better look at the American story.
1674: Dutch settlers came, 
to seek out beavers furs and to make a claim
To the land you know from the Cherokee and some.
Encouraging others around the globe to come:
The French Protestants, the English Quakers,
They then became your country's main law makers.
This was their new world, land of the free man,
Founding Jamestown, Port Royal and New Amsterdam.
In 1776, The American Revolution,
Won by Lafayette's Chesapeake bay solution.
Caribbean Hamilton makes American's bank,
Yet he still receives so little thank.
In 1824, with Yellow fever in Louisiana's mist;
The New Orleans thank a French Pharmacist.
So many contributions new comers can cla
:iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 4
Harry Moleman by Yukinekocat Harry Moleman :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 4 10 CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 32 End by Yukinekocat CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 32 End :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 0 Take me as I am by Yukinekocat Take me as I am :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 23 12 CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 31 by Yukinekocat CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 31 :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 0 CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 30 by Yukinekocat CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 30 :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 0 CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 29 by Yukinekocat CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 29 :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 0 The Rehabilitation Of Dawn Bellwether by Yukinekocat The Rehabilitation Of Dawn Bellwether :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 18 13


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by ARVEN92

I hope you don't mind if I give a critique on this one? Personally about this page, I find it very well done. The colours, shading and ...

This is a Brilliant piece of Art. The anatomy is very good with both the male and female figures; that goes the same with muscles. Ligh...



Gir Sketches
Brain: You should be writing up the next Sing's Christmas Carol.

Me: Nah, I'm going to draw Gir instead.

Anywho, here are some random sketches of this little guy in action.

Hope you like them.

Ginga (c) Yoshihiro Takahashi
Gir (c) Me
Artwork (c) Me 
You may not steal this under any circumstances, please?
Thank you very much!
The Chatterbox
In case you haven't noticed from the favourites section, I've recently got back into a Ginga vibe by re-watching both Ginga Nageroboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed for old time's sake. After going through some old Ginga trash in the collection, I came across the old fic "Love comes from the littlest things" and found one character who I loved and neglected to fully develop. This poor soul never got to see the light of day on deviantart (and who was in need of a good rewriting and designing).  So low and behold, I give you Gir, the hyperactive chihuahua. 

Name: Gir (Full name being Guarding. Institution. Responder Specimen: 25669001TBD)
Gender: Intersex (but goes by the He/Him pronoun)
Breed: Chihuahua
Pack: Ohu (Formally belonging to the P4 institute)
Mate: None
Offspring: None (but he considers many of the puppies born into Ohu to be 'his babies')
Personality: In a sea of serious and stern faces, Gir is one of the few openly friendly ones. Any newcomer will immidately become aqquainted with his muzzle as he thrusts it into theirs, along with numerous questions, constant bouncing from and endless supply of energy and endless chatter (He's been dubbed "The Chatterbox" for a reason). A hyperactive, wild ray of sunshine with an overly optimistic attitude and occasional reality breaker to boot; Gir is the least likely character to be working as soldier against foes such as P4, Hougen, Monkeys, Russian Dogs or Hybred bears. Due to his puppy-like nature and small size, to consider this creature as a soldier of Ohu is almost laughable. That is where they underestimate.

Prior to meeting Weed, he was born and raised in a lab as a genetically enhanced canine (a real test tube baby). Taken away at a young age, the pup was designated to be in a fleet of chihuahuas for a new guard dog project (because, come on, who supsect Chihuahuas?) Unfortunately, he did not meet the scientists expectations and after...thousands of tests, the researchers soon lost hope for the specimen to be of any use to them. Gir was about to be put down as a failed subject when P4 escaped. He was then "sent" as one of the dogs to destroy him. Out of all the possible creatures to follow Jerome and his squad, THIS THING decided to follow them.

At first glance, he can be seen as a care-free and irritaing airhead who they could do well without. However, once you get to know Gir, he's not as stupid as he looks and despite his socially adept nature, he truly cares about his packmates and those he loves (which can be pretty much anyone he meets and instantly likes). Deep down, all he wants is to make others happy and smile; because if those around him are happy, he is happy. 

Hope you like it!

Ginga (c) Yoshihiro Takahashi
Character (c) Me
You may not steal this under any circumstances, please?
Thank you very much!
Commissions are OPEN! by Wiwolf


Hi, My Name's Yukinekocat.
I like drawing and art so I came to DeviantART. I speak English and still learning French.
You are welcome to leave comments, don't be afraid to say what you think. After all I don't bite.
I hope you can come again soon.

Favorite Characters:
Hiro, Weed and GB (Ginga densetsu Weed)
Nico Robin and Zoro (One piece)
Nagisa and Kotomi (Clannad)
Makoto and Ayu (Kanon)
Akatora and Bill (Ginga Nagreboshi Gin)
John (GNG & GDW)

Personal quote (s):

"What do you do when life gives you lemons, you squeezes them back into life's eyes!"
Nicole Watterson from the amazing world of Gumball


Full Body (No Background)
Commissioners will receive a full body image of their character with a transparent background


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