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John Ryefield Reference by Yukinekocat John Ryefield Reference :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 0 7 CC and CLB Chapter 2 by Yukinekocat CC and CLB Chapter 2 :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 3 0
A Reminder from Your Forefathers
In the White House, a fool sits on the throne,
Commander of state and military drone.
While Americans preach for their cheques to come.
"Immigrants, they get the job done."
Cliché as it is, you seem to forget,
In all the chaos, you owe a huge debt.
Before you slander them with your homeland glory,
Take a better look at the American story.
1674: Dutch settlers came, 
to seek out beavers furs and to make a claim
To the land you know from the Cherokee and some.
Encouraging others around the globe to come:
The French Protestants, the English Quakers,
They then became your country's main law makers.
This was their new world, land of the free man,
Founding Jamestown, Port Royal and New Amsterdam.
In 1776, The American Revolution,
Won by Lafayette's Chesapeake bay solution.
Caribbean Hamilton makes American's bank,
Yet he still receives so little thank.
In 1824, with Yellow fever in Louisiana's mist;
The New Orleans thank a French Pharmacist.
So many contributions new comers can cla
:iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 4
Harry Moleman by Yukinekocat Harry Moleman :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 3 10 CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 32 End by Yukinekocat CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 32 End :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 0 Take me as I am by Yukinekocat Take me as I am :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 23 12 CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 31 by Yukinekocat CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 31 :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 0 CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 30 by Yukinekocat CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 30 :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 0 CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 29 by Yukinekocat CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 29 :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 1 0 The Rehabilitation Of Dawn Bellwether by Yukinekocat The Rehabilitation Of Dawn Bellwether :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 16 13 CC and CLB Concept sketches #1 by Yukinekocat CC and CLB Concept sketches #1 :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 3 3 CC and CLB Logo V2 by Yukinekocat CC and CLB Logo V2 :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 0 0 CC and CLB New Logo V1 by Yukinekocat CC and CLB New Logo V1 :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 0 0 Everybody Can Can by Yukinekocat Everybody Can Can :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 9 9 Request: Piano Lessons by Yukinekocat Request: Piano Lessons :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 44 22 Art Trade: I Don't Wanna by Yukinekocat Art Trade: I Don't Wanna :iconyukinekocat:Yukinekocat 11 7


by ARVEN92

I hope you don't mind if I give a critique on this one? Personally about this page, I find it very well done. The colours, shading and ...

This is a Brilliant piece of Art. The anatomy is very good with both the male and female figures; that goes the same with muscles. Ligh...



John Ryefield Reference
Name: Jonathan "John" Taron Ryefield
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Occupation: Banker (Specifically a bank clark)
Nationality: Welsh/British
Height: 6'1 ft
Weight: 6,17 kg
Family: Catherine Cotage (sister); Jim and Nina Ryefield (Parents- both deceased); Peter Cotage (Brother-in-law), Cotage children (nephew and nieces).
Nicknames: Sir, Mr. Ryefield, John, Uncle John, Johnny, Johnny angel, Johnny boy.

Suave and debonair, John is an archtypical dashing young gentlemen...and by lord, does he know it. With his good looks, laid back demenor, charm, generosity and overall charisma, he can leisurely walk out of any situation unscathed, with the exception of releasing a burn or two on his opponant with his snarky wit. What others may deem as arrogance or smugness, they have clearly misinterpreted the apparant confidance this individual radiates. Yet wherever this banker goes, he manages to fascinate, enchant and gain the respect of any newcomer he meets. While other men of his age are finding stable jobs and settling down, John is quite happy to continue to flirt his way through a bachelor's existance, expanding his wealth and gaiety by making frequent visits to gentlemen's clubs and music halls. He is also a passionate casanova when it comes to women; winning over many ladies from all walks of life whether he indends to or not. Although this can lead him to engage in more fiery and more scanderlous pleasures, he always shows gratitude and respect in response. Sadly, he has yet to meet the love of his life, but John always loves a gamble or a challenge. However, behind this flash facade, John achually hides many insecurities about his appearance and status, especially due to the nature of his poor past; all he wants to do is please. Away from public eyes, John is warm-hearted, affectionate and fiercely loyal 
to family (especially his sister) or to anyone he deems a friend.


* Unlike his sister, John tends to keep his welsh heritage hidden due to peer pressure and judgement. As such, his years in London have left his former welsh accent faded away and replaced with a more crisp and refined english accent.

* John was born July 23rd, making him a Leo.

* Being over 6 ft, he is one of the tallest characters in the comic.

* In his youth, he used to go boxing at a local tavern (for sport and for money). However, these years have left a nasty after effect on his hands, leaving him unable to barter again.

* John has a tolerant palette for alcohol, better than some of his associates. His ultimate favourites are sweet french wine, whiskey and vodka.

* Despite his appearance, John enjoys mathematical problems and calculating; helpful for a bank clark, you see.

* Although he does not consider himself to be a heartbreaker, John has had a few heartbreaks himself.

* An ideal voice actor for him would be Constantine Maroulis.

For the upcoming chapter, I thought it would be wise to make a reference for the upcoming character of John, Catherine's charming older brother. 

Hope you like it (Him).

Character, Artwork and information (c) Me
You may not steal this under any circumstances
Thank you.
CC and CLB Chapter 2
Previous page: CC and CLB Ch 1-Pg 32 End
Next page: NA

And here it is, Chapter 2's cover. 

All I can say is this: Top hats. Don't draw them, they will drive you insane with their brim.

Hope you like it!

Texture (c) TLMedia :Old Paper PSD
Characters and Story (c) Me
You may not steal this under any circumstances, please?
Thank you very much!
For the "Christmas Carol" retelling, which members of the "Sing" cast do you think would fit the roles?
Possible Christmas project idea?
A series of cards involving the "CC and CLB" Cast (along with the 2nd Chapter)?
"A Christmas Carol" retelling with the "Sing" Cast?
What are your thoughts?
Commissions are OPEN! by Wiwolf


Hi, My Name's Yukinekocat.
I like drawing and art so I came to DeviantART. I speak English and still learning French.
You are welcome to leave comments, don't be afraid to say what you think. After all I don't bite.
I hope you can come again soon.

Favorite Characters:
Hiro, Weed and GB (Ginga densetsu Weed)
Nico Robin and Zoro (One piece)
Nagisa and Kotomi (Clannad)
Makoto and Ayu (Kanon)
Akatora and Bill (Ginga Nagreboshi Gin)
John (GNG & GDW)

Personal quote (s):

"What do you do when life gives you lemons, you squeezes them back into life's eyes!"
Nicole Watterson from the amazing world of Gumball


Full Body (No Background)
Commissioners will receive a full body image of their character with a transparent background


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